What should I do if the door glass cannot be raised and lowered?

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        First confirm that the key is turned on, then check whether the driver's seat closes the door frame, and whether the door lock is opened to ensure that the key is opened to open. Check again whether the main gate next to the driver's rear door is closed. If the power switch of the ordinary lifter is broken, turn the key. Plug the car, and set the car on fire as much as possible. After powering on every electrical equipment in the car, press the elevator power switch to see if there is any reflection. Put the car's decorative panel on your ears. The elevator power switch is 20cm-30cm below. Between centimeters, see if you can hear the sound of the elevator motor. If there is no sound at all, it is likely that the power switch of the elevator is not plugged in, and there is a common fault.

        If you press the power switch lightly, you can hear the sound of the elevator motor performance, or slower up and down speed, or sometimes adjustable, sometimes not, which means that the elevator motor is likely to be damaged. Gently press the power switch of the lifter, and if the lifter motor does not respond, tap the position of the left and right lift motors on the interior trim panel of the car. Similar to this kind of thing, it can be basically concluded that the elevator is damaged by the motor.

        When repairing such common faults, in addition to the normal disassembly of the damaged parts, labor costs will continue to be involved. The price of the accessories must be valid, and the labor costs must also be within the effective range. When installing and dismantling the car door trim panel, you must pay attention to the method, because the car door interior panel of the car is connected with the car door side beam by the lock, so if the lock is broken and the car door is not replaced, then the car door The decorative panel will be very slack, with a dangerous driving feeling, and the safety of safe driving.